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How to Make Money with urSTORE

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Have you ever wished your organization could have some sort of passive income? urSTORE can do just that for you! urSTORE allows you to create unifying merchandise for your charity, event or cause in your very own free online store and you get 10% of every sale.

This process has 4 simple steps:

1. Subscribe to urSTORE by selecting your category and choosing items.
2. Provide us with your artwork in a high resolution vector file (.ai, .eps, .cdr). We take your logo, upload it and get your store ready within 24 hours.
3. Hyperlink your store URL to your website and social media pages to spread the word.
4. Track your sales and take your share to the bank!

What stands us apart is that we don’t have minimum order requirements so you never have any left-over stock! You can order hundreds of items for a large charity event or just a few for a small fundraiser. urSTORE handles order fulfillment, service concerns as well as shipping. And we’ll send you the funds raised at the end of the campaign.

Now that you know to create your store with your own custom logo, let’s cover some popular fundraising contest ideas so you can make the maximum dough with your store merchandise. For each of the following ideas, make it a requirement for attendees to wear your organization’s custom apparel in order to partake in the contest.

• Break the balloon

Place a slip inside all the balloons while inflating them and let the participants know one of these balloons has a jackpot. Whoever pops the balloon with the winning slip takes the prize home.

• Car Wash
Bring the following to the venue: liquid soap, buckets, brushes, sponges, lots of towels, hoses, a bucket for donations. Have volunteers wear your custom apparel and charge a set amount for each car wash provided. At the end of the event, choose the volunteer with the cleanest cars as a winner of a hamper prize.

• Bake Sale

Bakes sales are a hot favorite among those with a sweet tooth. You can restrict the event to just cakes or let members bring just about any type of baked goodies. Once all the items are sold, the proceeds can go towards the cause and since the participants wear your custom apparel, it’s more exposure for your brand.

• Marathon

Who doesn’t love to run for a good cause? Having participants run on the tracks wearing your custom apparel will give your brand the boost it needs. Place donations boxes at various spots so as to make it easy for everyone to contribute. You can even create a public event on Facebook to invite more people to the event.

Remember, the success of your fundraising campaign depends on how compelling the cause is. Take the time to tell your story and don’t forget to spread the word through social media. Your next customer could be a Twitter follower or a Facebook friend. If you have any questions about how urSTORE can earn you money, feel free to get in touch with us by dialling 1866.309.9353.

How I make money in my sleep using urSTORE

Written by Daniel Stevens


It’s a tough concept to explain, URstore that is. They help with so many different things. Here I will explain how I use URstore to earn money in my sleep.

I started off with a concept, as simple as an idea like: I love chicken. Which I do, and I’m sure many others share this taste. So I took that idea to URstore. I made my personal online store in minutes. It takes a few hours for URstore to apply my “I love chicken” design to their vast product line but when it was done I was set. Seriously, I have my own high quality, low priced apparel store that is branded with “I love chicken.”URstore-Logo-slogan-2013-New-e1395337429437

Click here to check out the store!

Now, sure there are places like Bang-On who could have made me this shirt but I would have to pay upfront and take on all the burden myself. Now that I have my very own “I love chicken” merchandise and apparel store all I have to do to make money is get others to buy from my online store. Many people have bought t-shirts, sweat pants, umbrellas, even traveling bags with “I love chicken” on it earning me money while I sleep.

This is how it works. URstore sends me a commission cheque of 10% on any product purchased at my store. So I copy and paste my URL wherever I can. A good idea is to attach this link to your own website and I am earning residual income. This all cost me ZERO dollars!

So if you have an idea like “I love chicken” then head over to and make some passive income. It’s free and incredibly easy.

How URstore can help you earn residual income.


Written by Daniel Stevens

Residual income or passive income is income that continues to be generated after the initial effort has been expended. This is compared to what most people focus on: linear income, which is essentially a salary job with active income.

Many financial people have written about residual or passive income as the sure way to retire early. Here we will explain how URstore can help.

The main distinguishing factor between active and passive income is simply that: action. Passive income involves none to very little action involved past the natural set up phase. Gaining passive income with URstore involves very little action on your part. All you have to do is follow the simple steps in setting up your online store. So all you have to do is come up with a concept. If you own your own company or business or you have a secondary passion in your life that hasn’t turned into a wealth generator at this point put it on a shirt.URstore-Logo-slogan-2013-New-e1395337429437

URstore sets up your very own online apparel store fast. After it’s set up all you have to do is share. Share your own personal online clothing store with your network. URstore sends you a commission cheque of 10% on every sale made on your site. There’s your residual income.

You can do this for as many stores as you like. A good way to earn even more is by setting up opposing stores: Mountain Dew marketed their soft drinks against each other and received an enormous response from their community who sided with the different camps.

The easiest way to get to sleep at night is knowing you’re safe. Residual income is nothing if not a great sleep aid: you know you’ll be more financially secure by the time you wake up the following morning. So go to and set up your own store online and make money in your sleep. Just another helpful tip supporting our community. Best of luck from our team at URstore to yours!

5 tips to fundraise for your sports team

Written by Daniel Stevens

We all know fundraising isn’t easy. There’s a magic number out there you have to make in order for your team to survive. Whether your fundraising is for your league fees or for the beer garden here are some tips that could make fundraising easy for your sports team.

  1. Use Social Media

It’s the way everyone is communicating these days and you don’t want to put yourself out of the loop. If you’re hosting any events then put them on Facebook. Even if you only get a couple hundred “maybe” replies you may have snaked some “going” out of that. Twitter is a little tougher to use in this respect but if you have a strong following let them know. 2-3 tweets a day about your event is enough to remind your followers and not enough to annoy them. Use Instagram to remind your followers, make a video reminding them what it’s for and why you need the turnout. Make sure everyone on your team is inviting and sharing!

  1. Go to the pub

Team up with a local bar or pub to host an event. Most, if not all, local bars accommodate such things. Put on a suit and  go into your local pub and see what the numbers are. Usually when you sell tickets to these events you split the profits with the establishment and patrons get a burger and beer.

  1. Auction

One of the best fundraisers I’ve ever been to had some memorabilia. We all know baseball fans like their memorabilia so sift through your garage, call your old buddy who knew a pro. Get all the gear you can from your network and push set up an auction. One year we paid for all our new bats by selling one of Justin Morneau’s signed bat! This can be a slow burn or a quick sell: put it on your team’s website or Facebook page and sell to the highest bidder. Or bring all your memorabilia to an event and add your auction portion into the mix for a big pay day.

  1. URstore

Picture6-300x214An incredible way to fundraise in your sleep is through URstore. Firstly we purchase all our team gear through them at our own store. See, they set up an online store just for your team with all the gear and merchandise you want. At every game I tell people about our store then they go there, buy their gear and URstore sends me a 10% kickback. There’s my fundraising for the year! Because it’s so easy it barely feels like fundraising but it is, and it’s painless! No setup required or URstore-Logo-slogan-2013-New-e1395337429437anything. You literally just give other people the URL to your store and they get cool gear with your team logo on it and you get 10% of that sale to go towards your fundraising goals! Check them out at

  1. Money Tournament

This requires a lot of work but the payoff is great. It depends on the size of your reach really. Reach out to other leagues and see if they want to play in a fundraiser. This can be a tournament style set up or a one-off game. Work it like a 50/50 draw where 50% of the money goes to umpires and field booking and the other split going to the winner 80-20 depending on how cruel you decide it should be. It doesn’t have to be a serious game either. Sometimes this is a great year end event where you invite player’s kids or spouses to play. It costs a couple bucks but they get to take part in the festivities.


Hope this helps you fundraise! Remember the easiest way to do this in your sleep is through URstore. Get the gear, look amazing, and make money while you do it. Hope this works out well for your team. We know it did for ours!

From our team at URstore.

URstore for Hockey

It’s arguably the best game on earth, no less the most exciting sport to watch. We don’t all get the luxury of catching the Canucks game 3 rows back from the bench, but even a Sunday afternoon at your nephews Pee Wee game can be pretty fun to soak in. Or getting together with your friends in Langley for the Friday night league game can be a blast and a half.

If you want to support your team or even start your own team get your gear through They make it the easiest for you. All you do is upload your teams logo and you’ve created your very own online store with all the apparel you need. Send the link out to your team email list. Tell them to get hoodies and track pants all with your team logo on it. That way you all look sharp when you come to the rink.

It also works great for fundraising. Team sports are not cheap and fundraising is always tricky. Once you have the URL for your online store send it out! Tell your friends to get your gear from your store and URstore sends you a 10% kickback on any purchase made through the store. Take that money and put it back into your team. Whether that’s for new gear next year or the end of the season bbq.

Get the most out of your hockey season with URstore.

Simple Tips To Fundraise For Your School

We all know the sadly too often stresses and strains on the school budget and we also know the limited time for overworked staff and volunteers. So we scoured the internet to find the best tips and tools to help your Canadian school fundraise.

Young Boys And Girls In Football Team

As they say: ‘Money doesn’t grow on trees’! So where do you get all that cash? Below you’ll find ideas to help with your situation.
As they also say: ‘Time is money’ so best you get going too!



  1. Hold a garage sale with donated items. This is a great way to raise a lot of money. Get people to donate extra items (the kind of stuff that lies around collecting dust in the garage) and hold a giant sale at your school (especially indoors for those colder/wetter months!). It’s a great way for every member of your school to donate something and be involved, hold a donation drive. Be sure to advertise the sale so that lots of people will come. You’ll be able to raise lots of money very quickly and remaining items can be returned or passed on to charities or thrift stores.
  2. Feed people at events ….like your garage sale!  Forget the bake-sale. Baking items are expensive. Instead, set up a hot dog station. Ask for donations of large quantities of hot dogs, buns, and condiments from local grocery stores or restaurants, or you can buy these yourself from wholesalers like Costco. Advertise your event well or set up in a space that gets a lot of foot traffic and begin selling dogs. Don’t forget to let people know what you’re raising the money for and what stores might have helped you put it together!
  3. Be handymen. Get you and your volunteers together and sell vouchers for handymen services. You can mow lawns, change light bulbs, unclog drains or toilets, or paint a small room. You can sell these vouchers door-to-door or through your place of business. A great way to connect with your community while offering further value, if you are time rich but cash poor this is a great options but be clear about your services to maximise results.
  4. Set up URstore. URstore is a great way to earn and create passive income, it’s free to set up and there are no hosting or running fees. Your school can get their own online store simply and it takes minutes to set up so no hassle for your volunteers and staff.URstore-Logo-slogan-2013-(New)Due to the unique way URstore works you don’t have any minimum orders or stock issues as you pay nothing upfront, you’ll also make money while you sleep! As your customers shop for high quality low cost branded schoolwear and apparel you’ll get a commission cheque for every item bought through your school’s store. Leveraging your audience and supporters for the benefit of the school while reducing headaches of hours spent in fulfilment and organisation while your staff Picture6and volunteers can focus on 1,2,3 on this list tripling you ability to generate revenue. As we said before ‘Time is money’ and URstore saves you time while giving you money! Try it today we’re sure you’ll be happy with the results! Once set up, all you need to do is promote it, make sure you have a link clearly on your website, email your community to tell them of the offers that are regularly available and how to get to the online store, connect your social media to ensure everyone knows how to help your school.
  5. Market to Your Audience We’ve talked about this all the way alone but it’s so key to meaningfully benefiting from your (you and your volunteers/staff’s) hard work we feel it’s right to make it a point in itself.
    Make a solid effort to tell your community/audience what you are  doing and how they can help. Put up posters, get on message boards, email your network (mailchimp is a great tool and free up to 2000 members), make road signs leading up to your event, get on social media, create an event on Facebook and invite your networks. Simply do everything you can to tell the audience what you are promoting and why, of course not spam people as it’s a quick way for them to not engage with you, an email every day is a sure fire way to turn people off very quickly.
    However appropriate communications with a solid understanding of your cause and a great explanation of why you need the money will make people more willing to give money to your cause especially if they feel you know what you are doing, build their confidence in you to help them donate and support more.


URstore now offers a new & easy fundraising opportunity!

URstore is pleased to present the opportunity to set up an online “pop-up” store to order select custom apparel at wholesale prices with great fundraising returns! 

Great for all occasions…


See example links to a couple of our bulk order stores:

Bulk Store Benefits

  • Convenience: individual online ordering & payments…no need to chase payments or order forms
  • No risk: we only produce what is ordered online so no wasted inventory
  • Great pricing: discounted wholesale all-in pricing including all taxes
  • Huge fundraising potential: you set the amount you want to earn on each sale
  • Large selection: choose from URstore’s wide selection of brand and product choices
  • Free shipping: no added shipping charges for customer or organization

How it works

  • Products: pick up to 4 products from URstore’s extensive catalogue and choose colours
  • Artwork: submit your artwork for printing or embroidery
  • Fundraising: provide quantity estimates and the fundraising margins you want to earn
  • Order window: set your order start and end dates
  • Store creation: URstore will build your custom Bulk Store and provide a custom URL
  • Link: hyperlink your store URL to your website and promote via social media, newsletter, etc.
  • Production: once order window closes, URstore will produce and ship entire order to one location for distribution with each order form to simplify
  • Money in the bank: URstore writes you a cheque for the fundraising amount earned

How to get started

Email with the subject “Bulk Store” and we’ll get you started!

URstore Swag Giveaway Contest! wants to deck you out in some free swag and let you call the shots on your very own custom design!

Feb 2015 Social Media contest

GRAND PRIZE: One hooded sweatshirt and t-shirt with a full chest printed design of the winner’s choice.


Twitter Entries: Follow & Retweet URstore’s contest announcement (@urstoreonline)

Facebook Entries: Like URstore’s FB Page & Share URstore’s contest announcement post (URstore Facebook Page)

Register For URstore Online Store: Register for a online apparel store
and receive 10 contest entries!


  • Only Twitter followers of @URstoreonline and those that “Like” URstore’s Facebook page are eligible to win.
  • Contest entry deadline is Friday, February 20th, 2015 at 3:00pm PST
  • Prize sweatshirt is either the Gildan 18500b (youth) hoodie or Gildan 18500 (adult) hoodie
  • Winner must choose from the following colours: White, black, navy, sport grey, red or royal. Subject to product availability from supplier
  • Prize t-shirt is either the Gildan 2000b (youth) basic t-shirt or Gildan 2000 (adult) basic t- shirt
  • Winner must choose from the following colours: White, black, navy, sport grey, red or royal. Subject to product availability from supplier
  • Selected design/logo must not be trademarked or copyrighted by another party.
  • Maximum dimensions of front design are 9” x 9”. Same logo must be used on both
  • Winner will be chosen at random,
  • One entry per account for each entry method, 
  • Contest limited to residents of Canada only.

Blog post pic

Store Registration Link:



Fundraising, No Matter the Cause

Fundraising is a significant contributor to the success of any non-profit company. For many non-profit organizations, funding comes either entirely or partially from fundraising. There are many worthy causes that succeed due to fundraising.

Sports Leagues

Young Boys And Girls In Football Team

Every little league team needs support from parents, and what better way to do that than through fundraising? Fundraising offers teams an opportunity to raise money through the sale of things like cookie dough and tickets to special events such as a dinner dance. More and more leagues are also selling t-shirts and other sports gear that parents can purchase and wear to show their support.

School Organizations

 Much like sports leagues, there is no organization more in need of fundraising than public and secondary schools. Clubs and academic groups need money to take field trips and attend or host events. They might sell frozen pizzas or t-shirts to get their money. Whatever they sell, parents and family members alike will often jump at the chance to support their child.

Religious Organizations

 Fundraising for religious sects can reach a local, national, or even global audience. Churches obtain their money through tithes and other donations, or sometimes they sell commodities that allow patrons to show support for their church. These funds are used for things like humanitarian efforts, paying clergyman and other church officials, proselyting, and church functionality.

Professional Fundraisers

 Many companies hire someone to fundraise for them. This person obtains money for their company by any legal means. Oftentimes they seek for grants, pledges, or other donations. Other times, they advertise goods or services.

Public Broadcasting

 Though some of public broadcasting services are funded by the government, a good portion of their income is furnished through fundraising. Most of the money comes from pledge drives, but it can also come from things like sale of merchandise.

Political Campaigns

Political campaigns are always a hot topic, and much of their campaign functions from fundraising. These funds can stem from donations and grants, or there is an entire section of political campaigns that might sell t-shirts, bumper stickers, banners, and other similar products to allow citizens to show their support for their favorite party or candidate.

No matter the cause, fundraising is an excellent opportunity to obtain funding. There are many different methods and causes of fundraising, but with the right resources and strategy, each can produce success for your company or organization. Can Benefit Your Organization With Its Fundraising Capabilities is an award winning fundraising solution. It provides all the benefits of a customized online apparel store marketed toward your supporters with none of the risk or hassles of creating your own web store. If your organization needs a way to raise money for your cause, is the website for you. It is a simple, easy online store service that will allow employees, students, parents, members, fans, etc. to show their spirit, pride, and support for your organization.

Who Can Benefit from

Urstore FundraiserAny small business, group or organization with fundraising needs can benefit from the ease of use and client-friendly appeal of URstore is truly for everyone, including, but not limited to, sports associations and teams, companies, schools, non-profit/charitable organizations, sports and summer camps, cultural societies, special events, unions, churches, restaurants, resorts, special interest groups, senior and youth groups, and any businesses looking for a clean, professional outlet for fundraising through selling customized apparel and accessories.

How Helps You allows your supporters to purchase hundreds of custom embroidered and printed items, including t-shirts, sweat shirts, hoodies, polo shirts, shorts, sweat pants, jackets, caps, hats, blankets, umbrellas and much more. All of the merchandise is customized with your logo or artwork to promote your organization. URstore provides great custom branded apparel and accessories for all  markets including; spiritwear, fan wear, promotional products, event promotions,  team apparel, uniforms and more. Whatever it is, allows you to create a great online service that will reach your supporters, members, and fans easily. offers a professional and easy to use online store for your organization’s custom branded apparel and accessories. Create your cutomized online clothing store through us in five minutes or less, link it to your organization’s website, and will take care of the rest, making sure your products are available and easy to purchase. allows you to fully customize and choose your own merchandise and your organization automatically receives 10% of every sale processed on your store.

For Your Customers

It’s easy to order and get your gear at You simply find your organization’s store on their website or by searching either the group name or location at Next, search through your store’s selection of products, which is neatly grouped into categories such as “Shop Women’s, Shop Men’s”,“Juniors Tops, Hoodies, T-shirts.” With its professional ‘look’, neat organization, and ease of use, will leave your supporters satisfied with their shopping experience.

Fundraise and receive great products in a fun easy way, give the opportunity to help your organization sell customized apparel and accessories to further your cause.