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How I make money in my sleep using urSTORE

Written by Daniel Stevens


It’s a tough concept to explain, URstore that is. They help with so many different things. Here I will explain how I use URstore to earn money in my sleep.

I started off with a concept, as simple as an idea like: I love chicken. Which I do, and I’m sure many others share this taste. So I took that idea to URstore. I made my personal online store in minutes. It takes a few hours for URstore to apply my “I love chicken” design to their vast product line but when it was done I was set. Seriously, I have my own high quality, low priced apparel store that is branded with “I love chicken.”URstore-Logo-slogan-2013-New-e1395337429437

Click here to check out the store!

Now, sure there are places like Bang-On who could have made me this shirt but I would have to pay upfront and take on all the burden myself. Now that I have my very own “I love chicken” merchandise and apparel store all I have to do to make money is get others to buy from my online store. Many people have bought t-shirts, sweat pants, umbrellas, even traveling bags with “I love chicken” on it earning me money while I sleep.

This is how it works. URstore sends me a commission cheque of 10% on any product purchased at my store. So I copy and paste my URL wherever I can. A good idea is to attach this link to your own website and I am earning residual income. This all cost me ZERO dollars!

So if you have an idea like “I love chicken” then head over to and make some passive income. It’s free and incredibly easy.

How URstore can help you earn residual income.


Written by Daniel Stevens

Residual income or passive income is income that continues to be generated after the initial effort has been expended. This is compared to what most people focus on: linear income, which is essentially a salary job with active income.

Many financial people have written about residual or passive income as the sure way to retire early. Here we will explain how URstore can help.

The main distinguishing factor between active and passive income is simply that: action. Passive income involves none to very little action involved past the natural set up phase. Gaining passive income with URstore involves very little action on your part. All you have to do is follow the simple steps in setting up your online store. So all you have to do is come up with a concept. If you own your own company or business or you have a secondary passion in your life that hasn’t turned into a wealth generator at this point put it on a shirt.URstore-Logo-slogan-2013-New-e1395337429437

URstore sets up your very own online apparel store fast. After it’s set up all you have to do is share. Share your own personal online clothing store with your network. URstore sends you a commission cheque of 10% on every sale made on your site. There’s your residual income.

You can do this for as many stores as you like. A good way to earn even more is by setting up opposing stores: Mountain Dew marketed their soft drinks against each other and received an enormous response from their community who sided with the different camps.

The easiest way to get to sleep at night is knowing you’re safe. Residual income is nothing if not a great sleep aid: you know you’ll be more financially secure by the time you wake up the following morning. So go to and set up your own store online and make money in your sleep. Just another helpful tip supporting our community. Best of luck from our team at URstore to yours!


URstore now offers a new & easy fundraising opportunity!

URstore is pleased to present the opportunity to set up an online “pop-up” store to order select custom apparel at wholesale prices with great fundraising returns! 

Great for all occasions…


See example links to a couple of our bulk order stores:

Bulk Store Benefits

  • Convenience: individual online ordering & payments…no need to chase payments or order forms
  • No risk: we only produce what is ordered online so no wasted inventory
  • Great pricing: discounted wholesale all-in pricing including all taxes
  • Huge fundraising potential: you set the amount you want to earn on each sale
  • Large selection: choose from URstore’s wide selection of brand and product choices
  • Free shipping: no added shipping charges for customer or organization

How it works

  • Products: pick up to 4 products from URstore’s extensive catalogue and choose colours
  • Artwork: submit your artwork for printing or embroidery
  • Fundraising: provide quantity estimates and the fundraising margins you want to earn
  • Order window: set your order start and end dates
  • Store creation: URstore will build your custom Bulk Store and provide a custom URL
  • Link: hyperlink your store URL to your website and promote via social media, newsletter, etc.
  • Production: once order window closes, URstore will produce and ship entire order to one location for distribution with each order form to simplify
  • Money in the bank: URstore writes you a cheque for the fundraising amount earned

How to get started

Email with the subject “Bulk Store” and we’ll get you started! Can Benefit Your Organization With Its Fundraising Capabilities is an award winning fundraising solution. It provides all the benefits of a customized online apparel store marketed toward your supporters with none of the risk or hassles of creating your own web store. If your organization needs a way to raise money for your cause, is the website for you. It is a simple, easy online store service that will allow employees, students, parents, members, fans, etc. to show their spirit, pride, and support for your organization.

Who Can Benefit from

Urstore FundraiserAny small business, group or organization with fundraising needs can benefit from the ease of use and client-friendly appeal of URstore is truly for everyone, including, but not limited to, sports associations and teams, companies, schools, non-profit/charitable organizations, sports and summer camps, cultural societies, special events, unions, churches, restaurants, resorts, special interest groups, senior and youth groups, and any businesses looking for a clean, professional outlet for fundraising through selling customized apparel and accessories.

How Helps You allows your supporters to purchase hundreds of custom embroidered and printed items, including t-shirts, sweat shirts, hoodies, polo shirts, shorts, sweat pants, jackets, caps, hats, blankets, umbrellas and much more. All of the merchandise is customized with your logo or artwork to promote your organization. URstore provides great custom branded apparel and accessories for all  markets including; spiritwear, fan wear, promotional products, event promotions,  team apparel, uniforms and more. Whatever it is, allows you to create a great online service that will reach your supporters, members, and fans easily. offers a professional and easy to use online store for your organization’s custom branded apparel and accessories. Create your cutomized online clothing store through us in five minutes or less, link it to your organization’s website, and will take care of the rest, making sure your products are available and easy to purchase. allows you to fully customize and choose your own merchandise and your organization automatically receives 10% of every sale processed on your store.

For Your Customers

It’s easy to order and get your gear at You simply find your organization’s store on their website or by searching either the group name or location at Next, search through your store’s selection of products, which is neatly grouped into categories such as “Shop Women’s, Shop Men’s”,“Juniors Tops, Hoodies, T-shirts.” With its professional ‘look’, neat organization, and ease of use, will leave your supporters satisfied with their shopping experience.

Fundraise and receive great products in a fun easy way, give the opportunity to help your organization sell customized apparel and accessories to further your cause.

Create Your Own Store In 5 Minutes Or Less!

Having a customized online apparel and merchandise store for your supporters is a fun easy way to promote your brand / organization and help further your cause at the same time. It is also very easy to use, simply fill in a 2 page registration online and let do the rest.

Easy Navigability for Users and Customers

Start provides simple and clear navigation for both creating a store as well as for your supporters purchasing their gear online. The websites’ homepage clearly describes exactly how the process works and the concise top navigation bar makes it easy to find your way around.

It’s easy to find your store and to order with Customers can simply find their organization’s store on their own website link or by searching either the name or the location at Once they are on their store home page, they can search through the organization’s selection of products, which is neatly grouped into categories such as “Shop Women’s, Shop Kids” and “Juniors Tops, Hoodies, T-shirts.” With its professional look, neat organization, and ease of use, will leave customers satisfied with their shopping experience.

Create Your Own Store Using

You can literally create your online store through in five minutes or less, and it takes just a few steps. To begin, click on the link entitled “Create URstore” located near the center of the top navigation bar.

User Bar

Clicking on that link will lead you directly to the first step where you can select the category of your organization. From there, you simply follow a series of steps to sign up for your very own online apparel merchandise store. will have you input your information; you will be asked to come up with a title name for your store as well as input your contact info. Once you’ve provided that information, you can choose up to 3 different colors for your store. The colors may represent your team mascot for example, or perhaps they will reflect your organization’s logo.

After you complete all of these steps, your store is on its way. You have the opportunity to upload any logos or custom artwork to promote and enhance your product offering or cause. Now all you have to do is sit back, let take over, and wait for your goods to be delivered or payments to enter your bank account.

With the simplicity and ease of use, should be your one stop for all your customized online apparel and fundraising needs. URstore’s no cost and easy structure allows you to create your own online apparel store quickly, without the risk or hassle of doing it yourself.