Custom School Gear And Spirit Wear: A Guide For The Busy Coordinator

You’re faced with many difficult challenges; but buying custom apparel and spirit wear for your school shouldn’t be one. Let’s navigate the oftentimes overwhelming world of spirit wear so you can be confident that your buying decision is on point.

Over the years, shopping online has changed dramatically. One of the main shifts has been giving consumers the ability to customize the clothes and accessories they buy (phone cases, laptop bags, T-shirts, hats, etc.)

People have a need to express their identity and interests through the clothes they wear and eCommerce platforms such as URstore have made it easier and more rewarding than ever before to sell custom school gear and spirit wear.

Here’s a quick look at 4 custom apparel myths that might be holding you back:

Myth # 1. You need to order a minimum quantity.
In the past, you had to buy spirit wear for your school in bulk and hope that all the items will be purchased by students and their parents. Those days are behind us. With the ability to create an online retail store for your school, you no longer have to keep an inventory that you pay for in advance. Instead, students and their parents can access the virtual retail store you create and purchase one or more items when they want and it’ll be delivered right to their doorstep. No investment needed or storage space required for inventory in your facilities!

Myth # 2. You need to go to each student to take their order.
Before eCommerce was a thing, school coordinators were tasked with going from classroom to classroom to take orders from each student who would give them cash for the items they wanted. This process would take days. Things have since changed. If you create a virtual retail store, it will become the hub for students and their parents to go through various color and design options and pay securely for the items of their liking. In a lot of ways, doing this gets the ball rolling so you can focus on what’s really important in your role.

Myth # 3. You will not make money from your virtual retail store.
In the case of an eCommerce site like URstore, you get a kickback on every sale from your virtual retail store – a perfect way to fundraise for any cause or event!

Myth # 4. You cannot make your virtual retail store your own.
If you can customize your spirit wear, why not customize your virtual retail store? Make your online store unique by branding it with your school logo/mascot and colours, while choosing only the items you think your students will be interested in. And sharing your online store has never been easier: social media share buttons such as in this demo store will help you spread the word about your school’s online store.

Creating a virtual retail store is simple. All you have to do is sign up with your school details, upload your logo and share your store’s link to your students and faculty! You may be reluctant to start but we don’t blame you. However, now that the myths have been debunked, go ahead and create your own FREE virtual retail store here!