Former Football Player Sues Helmet Maker Over Concussions


Paul Hornung, the Hall of Fame running back with the Green Bay Packers, has sued Riddell, asserting that the company knew of the dangers of brain trauma more than 50 years ago but failed to warn him and other players that their helmets would do nothing to prevent concussions.

The lawsuit, which seeks damages of at least $50,000, is the latest legal challenge against Riddell, the biggest sports helmet manufacturer in the country. Riddell is a co-defendant with the N.F.L. in a class-action lawsuit filed by thousands of former football players who accused the company and the league of hiding the dangers of concussions from them.

In that case, Riddell was able to separate its claims from the N.F.L., which has agreed to a settlement that could pay hundreds of millions of dollars to players with severe neurological disorders. Once that case is fully resolved — it still may be appealed — the federal judge overseeing it, Anita B. Brody, will return to the question of whether the players have a legitimate claim against Riddell.

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