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Custom School Gear And Spirit Wear: A Guide For The Busy Coordinator

You’re faced with many difficult challenges; but buying custom apparel and spirit wear for your school shouldn’t be one. Let’s navigate the oftentimes overwhelming world of spirit wear so you can be confident that your buying decision is on point.

Over the years, shopping online has changed dramatically. One of the main shifts has been giving consumers the ability to customize the clothes and accessories they buy (phone cases, laptop bags, T-shirts, hats, etc.)

People have a need to express their identity and interests through the clothes they wear and eCommerce platforms such as URstore have made it easier and more rewarding than ever before to sell custom school gear and spirit wear.

Here’s a quick look at 4 custom apparel myths that might be holding you back:

Myth # 1. You need to order a minimum quantity.
In the past, you had to buy spirit wear for your school in bulk and hope that all the items will be purchased by students and their parents. Those days are behind us. With the ability to create an online retail store for your school, you no longer have to keep an inventory that you pay for in advance. Instead, students and their parents can access the virtual retail store you create and purchase one or more items when they want and it’ll be delivered right to their doorstep. No investment needed or storage space required for inventory in your facilities!

Myth # 2. You need to go to each student to take their order.
Before eCommerce was a thing, school coordinators were tasked with going from classroom to classroom to take orders from each student who would give them cash for the items they wanted. This process would take days. Things have since changed. If you create a virtual retail store, it will become the hub for students and their parents to go through various color and design options and pay securely for the items of their liking. In a lot of ways, doing this gets the ball rolling so you can focus on what’s really important in your role.

Myth # 3. You will not make money from your virtual retail store.
In the case of an eCommerce site like URstore, you get a kickback on every sale from your virtual retail store – a perfect way to fundraise for any cause or event!

Myth # 4. You cannot make your virtual retail store your own.
If you can customize your spirit wear, why not customize your virtual retail store? Make your online store unique by branding it with your school logo/mascot and colours, while choosing only the items you think your students will be interested in. And sharing your online store has never been easier: social media share buttons such as in this demo store will help you spread the word about your school’s online store.

Creating a virtual retail store is simple. All you have to do is sign up with your school details, upload your logo and share your store’s link to your students and faculty! You may be reluctant to start but we don’t blame you. However, now that the myths have been debunked, go ahead and create your own FREE virtual retail store here!

7 Ways to Avoid Fundraising Burnout

“With fundraising, especially in the non-profit sector, there’s always more work than there is time. From courting potential donors to hours of grant writing, there are very few times a fundraiser’s job feels done. The amount of responsibilities mixed with our desire to help others and do a great job is a recipe for burnout. It is possible to avoid burnout by following some of these tips.

1) Take Time Off

Take your time off! Nothing helps rejuvenate us like having time away from work. This may almost seem like a foreign concept for the non-profit world, but trust me, it’s possible! The best, and most logical, times to take breaks are after fundraising events. You worked hard to plan that gala, festival, luncheon, etc. You went to every corner of the earth to recruit donors, vendors, sponsors, volunteers, attendees, etc. so reward yourself with a nice break.

While it may be tempting to get right back on the horse – don’t. You are usually provided with vacation time. Use these days. Non-profit fundraisers are notorious for working on their days off. One man I supervise planned on taking his laptop on his honeymoon. Just don’t do that. You may justify it by coming up with excuses like that you are only working for a few minutes, or that the organization really needs your help. Or maybe it’s that if you take time off all the work is just waiting for you when you come back and it will be overwhelming. Stop the excuses. Take your time off. The world and your employer will survive without you for a bit.”

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6 Ways To Entice Millennial Donors

“They’re here. Millennials gain prominence in society and commerce each year, making them an attractive population to help expand and diversify your organization’s donor base. What remains elusive, however, is how to attract this sect of donors, larger in number than Baby Boomers, after years of focusing on predominantly older donors — those who tend to be the most likely to give.

During their presentation “The Donors of Tomorrow: Effective Ways to Engage Young Audiences” at the 2017 Nonprofit Technology Conference in Washington, D.C., Rachel Clemens, chief marketing officer for TradeMark Media, and Ashley Wilson, vice president of marketing and communications for LIVESTRONG, discussed best practices in attracting the Millennial supporters. These included six fundamental steps:
Understand the younger audience. Millennials understand technology, are racially diverse, want stories to build connections, and are not attracted to communications that look like they are being sold something. An Abila software study showed that preferred channel preferences among donors include peer-to-peer, radio and TV ads, and email.”

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Our Eight Favorite Summer Fundraisers

“For the charity sector, summer fundraisers that embrace the spirit and the benefits of the season can truly make for incredible summer events.

From Memorial Day to Labor Day, nothing spells summer fundraiser success more than passionate people, promoting a praiseworthy cause and having fun while doing it! Take advantage of summer holidays, long weekends, and warm weather – the perfect recipe for great fundraising opportunities!
Following are our eight favorite summer fundraisers. Stage them as they are or diversify, combining a food fundraiser with a sporting fundraiser for example. You could even collaborate with another local organization to stage a bigger event which will attract more people and result in more donations.

1. Always popular: a barbecue fundraiser
Everyone loves an affordable dinner but for a perfect summer fundraiser, swap out a sit-down meal with a classic summer barbecue. Think hot dogs, hamburgers and grilled steaks and don’t forget the vegetarian or vegans in your group. Warm summer weather makes the barbeque one of the most successful fundraising choices.

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Fundraising for Nonprofit Summer Camp

“Because first, we need to make sure we’re around for next year.

A lot has changed about running summer camp in 16 years since I first donned a summer camp staff t-shirt. But not all of it has changed for the worse. In this article, I’m going to walk you through three relatively easy things you can do for your summer camp that could wind up having an incredibly profound impact: getting a Google Adwords Grant, becoming an Amazon Affiliate, and my favorite – forming a community garden with grant money from, of all places – Walmart!

Securing a Google Adwords Grant

You can go ahead and read that graphic to the right. You read correctly – Camp Hanover – a Christian summer camp in Virginia – has been granted $10,000 in Google Adwords advertising per month and for life.

How? Let’s let ruler of “teh interwebs” Doug Walters walk us through the process.”

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57 Engaging Fundraising Event Ideas

“Fundraising event ideas have become a staple in many organizations as a way to help with fundraising event planning, entertaining and engaging your donors.

The key to having a successful nonprofit fundraising event is by encouraging engagement while still keeping it fun. If you can’t get your attendees engaged then your event will quickly lose steam. So make your initiatives fun, try new ideas and see what your donors value the most.

One idea to get your nonprofit started is to use text reminders and more traditional promotional channels to boost participation which is the first step in guaranteeing the success of your event.”

Below is a list of over 50 event fundraising ideas that you can easily implement at your organization. Whether you’re a small or large organization, there’s definitely something here that will be sure to fit for your organization.

Fundraising Event Ideas From A to Z

5K Run/Walk
Low-cost with high ROI…easy to promote fundraising event idea…team crowdfunding fun for all ages. A 5K Run/Walk fundraising event can be all these things for your nonprofit organization. Not only can you raise funds for your cause by incorporating crowdfunding for nonprofits into your fundraising event, but through the sharing of your campaign by participants with their network of friends and family, you’ll also organically raise awareness for your org’s mission.

First choose the size and location of an event you can reasonably manage. Then save a date and set some realistic fundraising goals for your nonprofit. Themes add an extra element of fun…survival races and fun runs seem to attract more participants!”

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25 Creative Spring Fundraising Ideas

“Outside of the year-end fundraising season, the month of April generates the highest donation volume, according to 2015 Classy data. To prepare yourself for a stellar spring, we’ve compiled creative fundraising ideas to help you make the most of this lucrative time of year.

1. Spring Cleaning Garage Sale
Ask supporters to donate items to your organization’s “garage sale” that they’d ordinarily give away or sell. Set up shop at your office or a well-trafficked public space, and sell items in exchange for donations.

2. March Madness Open House
An estimated 40 million Americans create March Madness brackets. Invite your community to join you at your office or a venue for a college basketball game screening. Have people donate to enter, and you can use the game as an opportunity to meet supporters face to face.

3. Fashion Show
The fashion industry follows the same cycle as the seasons, and spring is a great time to embrace “new.” Host a fashion show and partner with local vendors, recruit volunteers for models, and charge for entry. You can even have each model create peer-to-peer fundraising pages and compete against each other for a prize.”

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Tools for Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

“Peer-to-peer fundraising isn’t new. For years, many organizations have engaged supporters to raise funds on their behalf—everyone from staff and volunteers to program participants and current donors. Traditionally, these individual campaigns took the form of walk-a-thons and similar events at which supporters enlist sponsors from their own networks of colleagues, friends, and family. Informally, this kind of distributed fundraising is sometimes called “team,” “a-thon,” or “friend-to-friend” fundraising.

Today, online tools let supporters participate in broad campaigns and reach out to diverse networks. Some facilitate the creation of individual online donation pages, while others provide “widgets” to place on personal web pages that allow fundraisers to speak directly to their own friends and family.

Is this kind of fundraising right for your organization? We asked our nonprofit technology experts for advice on how to decide and recommendations about tools that have worked well for them and their colleagues. We’ve compiled those findings here to help your nonprofit get the most out of its peer-to-peer fundraising campaign.”

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5 Fundraising Issues Making Regulators Nuts

“Changes in the way nonprofits operate alter the face of many discussions but a number of the underlying legal issues and compliance considerations seem to be perpetual. Internal operational issues are of great interest to regulators. Among them are five hot-button areas — everything from fundraising to finances to online activity.

1. Governance & Compliance: Policy vs. Practice

One of the longstanding legal problems that nonprofits continue to face is failure by boards to properly implement adopted governance and compliance policies. For example, with respect to conflicts of interest, is the board properly considering alternatives when a proposed financial transaction will benefit an insider? Are only the independent directors reviewing and approving such transactions based on the best interests of the organization?

Failure to observe these key protocols can lead to improper excess benefit to insiders, and scrutiny of insider transactions by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and charity regulators. Similarly, failure to ensure that internal financial control policies and procedures are actually being implemented on a day-to-day basis can lead to fraud and embezzlement, with serious consequences to the organization to both finances and reputation.

Certain best practices in board governance, such as requiring a minimum number of board meetings to be in-person meetings, help ensure that boards have robust discussions before making important decisions on issues that involve serious organizational risk. Boards that treat governance as a mere rubber stamp of the executive staff’s decisions do not provide the checks and balances that are critical to their function as fiduciaries of the organization.

To ensure effective governance and compliance, nonprofit boards should regularly review their policies in light of applicable laws and best practices, but also take time to ensure that they are being properly implemented.”

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10 Fundraising Opportunities for Nonprofits

“Today it seems like the options for reaching donors are virtually unlimited. We can meet up for coffee, host an event, make a phone call, shoot out an email, blast a Tweet, post a video on YouTube, organize a Facebook LIVE event and the list goes on and on. It’s a far cry from the days when we’d mail out a pamphlet and pledge card, cross our fingers, and hope for the best.

Our methods for resource development have evolved over the years because of many factors including, but not limited to, the economy, technology, and politics.

It’s safe to say that we’re living in a time of great advancements in technology (particularly the internet and our reliance/obsession with mobile devices) coupled with political and economic uncertainty. Stocks are at an unprecedented high. Trust in the government is trending low. Though at times it feels like all of us in the nonprofit world are just trying to hold on and keep up, it’s nice to see some bright lights.

And that’s what we’re giving you here— 10 fundraising trend “bright lights”. Things are looking up in 2017 for nonprofits, charities, and NGOs. Here’s how you can capitalize on it all:

1. An Overall Increase in Individual Giving
We are living in a time of political change, but this isn’t necessarily translating into smaller donations. On the contrary, the Philanthropy Outlook 2016 & 2017 predicts that an increase in individual and household income will help to boost fundraising efforts for nonprofits, charities, and NGOs by as much as 3.8% in 2017.”

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